Get hands-on at relics restoration workshop

Tan Weiyun
Sijing Ancient Town has a new attraction for both lovers of culture and regular visitors.
Tan Weiyun
Get hands-on at relics restoration workshop

The "Shanwu" Cultural Relics Restoration Workshop

Sijing Ancient Town has a new attraction for both lovers of culture and regular visitors.

The "Shanwu" Cultural Relics Restoration Workshop, situated in the historic Sheng Shusong old residence, opened its door last month.

This new addition offers the public a chance to admire art exhibitions, partake in hands-on craft projects and immerse themselves in the allure of traditional arts and culture.

The Sheng Shusong old residence, with its origins dating back to the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), underwent conservation and restoration in 2022.

It features a range of architectural styles, including street-facing buildings, a front hall, a main residence and river-facing structures, epitomizing the typical riverside architecture of the Sijing area.

The newly reopened residence retains its original charm, showcasing a deep courtyard and an antique aesthetic.

In 2023, the "Shanwu" Cultural Relics Restoration Workshop moved into the premises. Based on a core of cultural relic restoration, the workshop incorporates rubbings, pottery and art exhibitions, creating a fusion of traditional culture and modern art.

Rubbings, a process of transferring the shapes and patterns of inscriptions and designs from steles and bronzeware onto paper, are a highlight at the workshop.

It offers a free tile-rubbing experience, where visitors, under the guidance of professionals, can try their hand at this traditional technique and explore the charm of this intangible cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the workshop sells original painting and calligraphy restoration kits. Following steps like piecing together, starching, mounting and pressing, participants can witness the emergence of a complete artwork.

This immersive experience allows visitors to delve into the process of restoring old or damaged paintings, calligraphy and paper documents, appreciating the intricacies of art restoration and mounting.

The workshop also features a "Shanwu Tea Café ©" relaxation area, where visitors can enjoy coffee and tea while admiring artworks.

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