New chapter of 'Jazz Novel' to be staged in Shanghai

The "Jazz Horn" chapter of "Jazz Novel," a new type of serial live performances, aims to provide local music lovers an insight into the charm of jazz.
Ti Gong

"Jazz Novel," a new serial live performances launched by JZ Music founder Ren Yuqing, aims to make jazz more accessible and understandable to Chinese people.

On September 29, music lovers in Shanghai will be offered a new chapter of the series, "Jazz Horn."

The performances offer music appreciation, knowledge dissemination and fun interaction. Musicians won't merely communicate with the audience members using instruments, instead they will explain and demonstrate to help them understand the language of jazz at a deeper level. 

Audiences will be able to see various musicians focusing on different part of jazz, uncovering the forms and changes.

Wind instruments have played a significant role in jazz, with several landmark soul figures like Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. 

The "Jazz Horn" performance on September 29 will gather well-known trumpet player Li Xiaochuan, American saxophone player and composer Alec Haavik and HRJ Trio to uncover the secret of jazz trumpet.

Over the past few years, Ren has introduced many promising Chinese jazz musicians to the world stage. He himself is a famous bassist and the founder of the JZ Festival in Shanghai. His techniques are full of energy and unpredictability.

Li is one of China's most recognized jazz trumpet players. He is the only jazz artist recognized by CCTV (China Central Television) Music Channel and is also a renowned composer and educator. 

Musician Haavik is adept at performing on tenor and soprano sax, painting an inter-dimensional world of musical explosions.

The performance aims to provide music lovers of the city an insight into the origin and development of jazz.

Performance details

Date: September 29, 7:30pm

Tickets: 80-280 yuan

Tel: 5415-8976

Venue: Shanghai City Theater

Address: 4889 Dushi Rd

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