Festival fun and frolics promised in Hangzhou

The annual Hangzhou West Lake Expo Tourism Festival is to serve up a multitude of activities for those residing in the sub counties and districts of the western side of Hangzhou.

The annual Hangzhou West Lake Expo Tourism Festival, running through November, offers a multitude of activities for those residing in the counties and districts of the western side of Hangzhou. Shanghai Daily picks out eight events for visitors.

Ti Gong

Persimmons at Xixi

Persimmon Festival

Persimmon FestivalXixi Wetland National Park boasts more than 4,000 persimmon trees, which were cultivated over 100 years ago. Every year, when the persimmon gets ripe, parent-child activities are held to attract visitors to pick the delicious sweet-tasting fruit. This year, the festival organizers has invited several famous singers to add some musical vibe to the yellow autumn feel.

Date: Through October 29

Address: Hong Pavilion at Xixi Wetland National Park

Admission: 25 yuan

Orange Festival

Sandu Town boasts an abundance of orange trees that produce plentiful juicy fruit in the autumn. The local government will host a series of activities including orange picking, a family-run guesthouse promotion and local delicacy feasts this year.

Date: Late October

Address: Sandu

Admission: Free

Tidal Bore Festival

The tide rushes into the mouth of Qianjiang River from Hangzhou Bay, because of astronomical constellations. As a consequence, it creates the world’s largest tidal bore, a natural phenomenon that sees the tide rise to a height of up to 9 meters every October. Viewing the tide has been a tradition for centuries and dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), when Hangzhou was the empire’s capital.

Date: October 6-8

Address: Along Qiantang River

Admission: Free

Ginkgo Festival

In autumn, the town is decorated with vibrant colors as the ginkgo leaves turn yellow and their fruit becomes ripe. A batch of local specialties is made from the ginkgo, which is ideal for tourists visiting the festival.

Date: November

Address: Wanshi

Admission: Free

Ti Gong

Qingshan Lake

Red Leaves Festival

Qingshan lake is surrounded by the Tianmu Mountain range and spans an area of 10 square kilometers, almost the size of two West Lakes. In autumn, it is ablaze with colorful leaves from light red to crimson, which makes it popular with both hikers and shutterbugs.

Date: Through November

Address: Qingshan Lake ?Scenic Area

Admission: Free

Hongqu Wine Festival

E’shan She Ethnic Minority Town in Tonglu, the only minority region in Hangzhou, is a rustic tourism destination with an ethnic feel, as well wonderful scenery. Hongqu wine has low alcohol content and is a little sweet with a nice aroma from the fermented rice. It is believed to be good for promoting the body’s blood circulation. During the festival, ritual ceremonies are held to celebrate the annual wine festival.

Date: November

Address: Raoshanwu Village of E’shan She Ethnic Minority Town in Tonglu County

Admission: Free

Lion Dance Championship

Six domestic and eight foreign lion dance teams are going to participate in this year’s championship in Thousand Islands Lake. It is hosted every year in order to revive the local folklore and promote authentic Wenyuan culture among visitors.

After the Xin’anjiang Dam was put into operation in 1959, much of ancient QXTD Lion City found itself at the bottom of Thousand Islands Lake. Over recent years, local authorities have spent billions of yuan reproducing parts of the county on dry land. In 2015, a reconstructed section of the county covering 80,000 square meters was opened as an open-air museum.

Date: October 1-8

Address: QXTD Lion City in Jiangjia Town of Chun’an County

Admission: Free

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