Highly anticipated films to hit cinemas across China

An array of Hollywood and Chinese flicks are set to hit cinemas across China soon.
Ti Gong

Steven Spielberg's sci-fi adventure "Ready Player One"

A batch of highly anticipated films will hit cinemas across China in the following weeks.

“Ready Player One,” Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated sci-fi adventure, held a special IMAX 3D screening at Jinyi International Cinema in Hongkou District yesterday.

Set in the year 2045, the film depicts a world where a lot of people use virtual reality software OASI" to engage in work and play.

After the creator of the OASIS dies, players from all over the world take challenges to find the creator’s Easter Egg to win a big fortune. However, they gradually find themselves lost between the game and reality.

The film will be released simultaneously in China and North America on Friday. 

Alex Garland’s sci-fi horror “Annihilation,” which is based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, will be released in China on April 13.

Starring Natalie Portman, the film follows a group of military scientists who enter The Shimmer, a mysterious quarantined zone full of mutating landscapes and creatures.

Brad Peyton’s sci-fi monster flick “Rampage" will also hit screens on April 13. The movie is a story about a cute, intelligent gorilla changing into a raging monster because of a genetic experiment.

“Isle of Dogs,” an award-winning American animated film, will hit China’s silver screens on April 20. The film chronicles a boy’s odyssey to an island in search of his lost dog. Director Wes Anderson received the best director award at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival for the film.

There are plenty of Chinese films also worth waiting for in April.

“Taste of Crime,” a cop film directed by Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung, is slated for release on April 28. The movie centers around an undercover cop who combats a mysterious crime group.

Taiwan actress and singer Rene Liu’s directorial debut “Us and Them" will start showing on April 28, too.

The romance is a sentimental story of young love. The long passage of time, as Liu conveys in the film, is not to forget love, but to witness love and growth.

Ti Gong

The sci-fi monster film “Rampage" 

Ti Gong

The award-winning animated film “Isle of Dogs”

Ti Gong

Hong Kong cop film “Taste of Crime”

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