Latest season of 'Scissor Seven' makes the cut

Xu Wei
The popular Chinese cartoon series "Scissor Seven" just kicked off its third season on the streaming websites Tencent, Bilibili and Youku.
Xu Wei

The popular Chinese cartoon series “Scissor Seven” just kicked off its third season on the streaming websites Tencent, Bilibili and Youku. 

The previous two seasons of the award-winning series have been hailed by worldwide audiences since a Netflix release last year. And the latest series build on where it left off. 

Directed and written by He Xiaofeng, the cartoon franchise, replete with both heart-warming and hilarious scenes, promotes love and tolerance over hatred and prejudice.

The main protagonist is Wu Liuqi, an assassin with amnesia. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery to an unknown kingdom to find out the truth about his real identity, while protecting the small island where he learns about love.

Producer Zou Shasha, founder and CEO of AHA Entertainment, said the new season highlights Wu’s miraculous adventures with his friends, adding that there will be a lot of novel scenes and characters. 

Comedic lines and plots remain in the third series to reflect the warmth of Chinese people in their daily lives and interpersonal relationships.

Latest season of Scissor Seven makes the cut

“Scissor Seven 3”

Director He revealed they have applied 3D digital cinematography and live action technology to the series to present more stunning visuals. 

The 34-year-old director, who hails from Foshan, Guangdong Province, has also combined many local cultural elements within the series. Elements of Chinese martial arts and native delicacies are incorporated into several scenes.

Three original theme songs, inspired by the charm of Chinese instruments and folk music, have been created for the new season.

Audiences have spoken highly of the cinematography, plot and music of “Scissor Seven’s” third season, which has already gained a 9.5 rating out of 10 on China’s film and TV review website Douban.

Netizen “Pumpkin” believes the series is one of the best homegrown animated productions in recent years, owing to its humorous lines, vivid characters and originality.

The Shanghai-produced cartoon is China’s first original cartoon series to be shown on Netflix, with different dubbing languages, making it attractive to an international audience.

In 2018, its first season was nominated for a “TV Film” award at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival, while last year, at the 26th Shanghai TV Festival, “Scissor Seven” received the Best Animation Screenplay award in its second season. 

“Overseas distribution for the third season is also underway,” Zou said. “In the near future we will present a variety of franchise spin-offs, including comic book, stage drama and concert.” 

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