Lancôme mines longevity science for next generation skincare

Li Fei
Luxury brand fuses potent parts of rose plants to get high-performance ingredients for optimum skin regeneration
Li Fei
Lancôme mines longevity science for next generation skincare
Ti Gong

Absolue Perpetual Rose includes a new rosewood extract specifically developed to act on oxidative stress.

We've all dreamed of having eternally youthful skin but now there's the hint of a solution.

Lancôme's latest research seems to suggest that eternally youthful skin is possible with its discovery of a ground-breaking ingredient, Absolue Serum, which is added to its latest products.

It all comes down to molecular science. As the hallmarks of ageing accumulate over time, they accelerate further dysfunction at a cellular level.

The equilibrium (homeostasis) within our tissue is disrupted and the damage can no longer be reversed. As a result of cumulative damage, we enter functional decline and suffer the visible signs of skin ageing.

The brand has long been obsessed with Longevity Science, a now growing global phenomenon that has attracted the attention of experts. The purpose of Longevity Science is to extend the human lifespan – and thereby capture eternal youth.

This understanding of human longevity starts with an in-depth knowledge of the molecular ageing processes. Essentially, ageing can be defined as a time dependent.

Grown organically in the South of France, the Perpetual Rose is a true phenomenon of nature with more than 80 white, scented petals. Unlike other roses that bloom just once or twice a year, the rose holds unparalleled regenerative capabilities.

As if powered by the secret of youth, it has an exceptional vitality and blossoms almost continuously throughout the year. Rich in regenerative molecules, the extract of the rose is now proven in vitro to activate AMPK and maintain skin cells' youth functions.

By fusing the most potent parts of rose plants, Lancôme delivers high-performance active ingredients for optimum epidermal regeneration.

The extract 50x concentrate included in the new serum is proven to activate the "longevity switch" that is AMPK – essentially harnessing the power of youth.

This intensive concentrate comes in a stunning new golden glass packaging consisting of recyclable materials and refill capsule.

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