Let's have a day of eating just like the locals do!

Arina Yakupova Li Qian Zhu Lin
Follow Arina as she starts with qiang bing (scallion flatbread) for breakfast and finishes the day with a plate of crab noodles on downtown Nanjing Road.
Arina Yakupova Li Qian Zhu Lin

Directed by Li Qian, Zhu Lin. Edited by Li Qian, Arina Yakupova. Reported by Arina Yakupova. Subtitles by Li Qian.

In this "Eat Like a Local" video," Arina took a 24-hour food tour of Shanghai.

She started the day at the Mengxi Wet Market and tried qiang bing (scallion flatbread) for breakfast.

Then, she went to time-honored Nanjing Beauty Salon to try a very Chinese-style curly hair style, and went to the popular Wang Jia Sha snack store nearby to taste some of the very local snacks such as ba bao fan (steamed sweetened glutinous rice).

At lunchtime, she went to Qibao old street to have street food, and she returned to downtown Nanjing Road to have crab noodles for dinner.

Let's check it out!

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