Ayi steals 180,000 yuan, catches herself tampering with security camera

An ayi in Yangpu District inadvertently catches herself tampering with a security camera before stealing piles of cash, and two bottles of expensive baijiu.

An ayi who works in Yangpu District has been detained for allegedly stealing 180,000 yuan (US$27,000) cash and two bottles of expensive baijiu (white wine) from her employer’s home at the end of last month, police said on Tuesday.

The suspect, surnamed Jian, was inadvertently filmed pushing the home's security camera so that it faced a wall before the theft. What she didn't count on was the fact that the camera was initially aimed at a glass door, making her reflection clearly visible on tape as she tampered with the device. 

Ti Gong

The suspect tampers with a security camera before committing the theft on July 29.

Her employer, a man surnamed Fang, reported the incident to police on the evening of July 31.

Fang said he found out about the loss when his friend came to collect the money.

Jian was caught only a few hours later in her home the same day after Fang identified her from the surveillance camera, police said.

Ti Gong

The suspect has allegedly confessed that she discovered the large amount of cash on July 21 while cleaning her employer’s apartment, tampered with the surveillance camera the next day, and finally committed the theft on July 29.

Jian, who had been working for Fang for a few years, had the key to the apartment which Fang gave her in order to carry out her cleaning duties.

The stolen money and objects, hidden by the suspect in meter boxes around the apartment building, have been returned to Fang, police said.

Ti Gong
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