Shanghai is at the heart of national maternity care network

Led by four leading hospitals, a national maternity care network consisting of all leading maternity hospitals in municipalities and capital cities has been set up in Shanghai.
Ti Gong

Doctors from Fudan University's Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital help to deliver a baby.

Cai Wenjun

A national maternity health-care network is being set up in Shanghai to enhance obstetric service, critical pregnant women rescue, and gynecological cancer treatment.

Led by four leading hospitals, the network involves major maternity hospitals in Chinese municipalities and capital cities.

It is the first such network in the nation and is tasked with overseeing the health and safety of women and children, health officials said.

Reducing the mortality rates for pregnant women and infants as well as improving  average lifespans is the key aim of the network, especially as all couples are now allowed to have a second child.

Officials added that there is a rising number of pregnant women across China, who are at high risk due to their age and other complications.

“The network will work out a clinical guideline and promote it to grassroots hospital to regulate hospital practice, especially drills for obstetric emergency,” said Dr Xu Congjian, president of  Fudan University's Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, one of the four leading hospitals in the network.

“The network will share sources of specialists, clinical data and cases, scientific research and education," added Xu. "We will also cooperate on gynecological cancer prevention and control.”

Ti Gong
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