Construction to start on oil tank park

Four small tanks and one large one will be renovated to become exhibition halls, plazas, gardens, book stores, education centers and restaurants.
Construction to start on oil tank park
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

A bird’s eye view yesterday of the five oil tanks described as “elegant large spaces” that are to be given a new lease of life along Huangpu River.

Construction will start by the end of the month to redevelop an oil station site into a park along Huangpu River.

The art park named Tank Shanghai will comprise exhibition spaces, plazas, gardens, a bookstore, education center and restaurants.

The site was initially built in 1917 to supply fuel to the nearby Longhua Airport. Five oil tanks, a fire pool and docks have been kept and preserved.

The site covering 60,000 square meters, with indoor spaces of 10,000 square meters, is scheduled to open in 2018, the West Bund Group taking charge of the waterfront development in Xuhui said.

Four smaller tanks and one giant one will be renovated to become a reminder of times past at the park. Workers have removed the covers of the huge oil tanks for the renovation, a designer of the park said.

"Inside the oil tanks, a 15-meter high dome and circular walls offer elegant large spaces with industrial characteristics," said Qiao Zhibing, a well-known contemporary art collector and the designer.

The fire pool will be turned into a landscaped pond facing Huangpu River, he added.

The Xuhui riverside area was closed to the public for decades as a result of the city’s earliest concrete plant, oil station, shipping dock, railway station and airport all being based there.

The Tank Shanghai project will become the new highlight of the Art Museum Boulevard being developed by the Xuhui District government, the group said.

The riverside area is also a part of the city’s 45 kilometers of continuous pedestrian paths along Huangpu River.

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