A cradle of innovation and modern industry

Yangpu is a place where you can not only smell the opportunities but feel the warmth of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Ti Gong

China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs

Yangpu is a place where you can not only smell the opportunities but feel the warmth of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As one of the cradles of China’s modern industry, the area is historically connected to the spirit of entrepreneurship, while the old glory days are not faded memories but a bed of new age of innovation.

That is why Yangpu is a great place to start a new business and the right answer to the annual week-long nationwide campaign for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

From last Friday, a variety of activities, including exhibitions, road shows, training courses, inno-competitions and carnivals, were held in the northeast of Shanghai to promote National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week. There were also parallel sessions around the city.

Ti Gong

The riverside area of Huangpu River

More breakthroughs

A conventional CT scanner generally takes 20 minutes to complete a whole-body check. Residents witnessed how it could be done in 16 seconds.

More breakthroughs at the event include a medical device that can see through a vein, making it easier for nurses to give an injection.

A commercial rocket startup boasts they will launch its first rocket next year.

Another company, Liulishuo, from Yangpu District, boasts an application that allows users to speak excellent English via artificial intelligence technology.

It is the third consecutive year that Yangpu has hosted the ceremony.

Last October, a song created by a Yangpu musician “Chuangxiang Zhongguo,” or literally “Making it in China,” echoed around the country during the business celebration week.

This year, Chang Yang Valley in Yangpu District is the major site of the annual ceremony across China.

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Jiangwan Stadium

Rich history

Yangpu owns century-old universities, industries and public utilities. It has taken advantage of its intellect and education resources to promote the regional innovation and development since the beginning of the new century.

The district has created its own path of innovation-driven transformation and development from the previous role as one of China’s oldest industrial centers and a hub of intellects.

Yangpu was nominated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of the country’s first pilot innovation districts in 2010, and identified as a key base of Shanghai’s efforts to become a global innovation center and demonstration zone.

The district became the only regional demonstration base of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Shanghai last May and was included in the Innovation City Construction project by the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development and Reform Commission last December.

Ti Gong

Chang Yang Valley high-tech park

Three-stage blueprint

In line with the blueprint mapped out by the State Council, or China's Cabinet, there are three stages of development for Yangpu to construct one of the country's first demonstration bases of mass entrepreneurship and innovation: to build a high level regional base of mass entrepreneurship and innovation by the end of this year and create an institutional system and relevant experience that can be widely replicated and extensively promoted; to create a more efficient ecological environment by 2018 amid the establishment of a high level regional base of mass entrepreneurship and innovation; to lead the way in the construction of demonstration bases of mass entrepreneurship and innovation around the country and lead the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Yangtze River Delta region.

"A town of innovation is made up of individuals, Yangpu sees the value of people," said Li Yueqi, Party secretary of Yangpu. “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important mission of Yangpu but also an opportunity for universities, research institutions and enterprises in the district.”

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TusStar business incubator

Campus, sci-tech park and community are three pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship in Yangpu. The district also makes itself a town of intellects,

A cradle of innovation and modern industryindustries and creativity and makes constant progress in the development of innovation-driven economy.

Yangpu authorities have launched cooperation with 11 universities within the district or around the city to build a number of key platforms.

They also pair up with 23 local research institutes and enterprises to promote high-tech projects in the fields such as the Internet of things and the application of China’s self-developed Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

Forty-nine key projects have been established during Yangpu’s promotion, including a technology transformation platform, a key technology research and development platform and an innovation center.

Ti Gong

Daxue Road

Modern design, tech-finance and professional services, which enjoy preferential development in Yangpu, accounted for 40 percent of the district’s tertiary industry by the end of last year.

Strategic emerging industries such as next-generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection reported 16.9 percent of growth in their added value from a year ago.

The 800-meter-long Daxue Road features outdoor cafes and tea houses where young entrepreneurs, investors, artists, college students, scholars or scientists exchange their ideas and search for opportunities. The street is not only full of the fragrance of coffee but also abundant with all sorts of resources for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Steps away, seven incubators and the China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs have been established on Guoding Road E. which turned the street into a fenceless innovation space. It is just one of four entrepreneurship and innovation blocks in Yangpu, which provide vitality and motivation for the construction and management of local communities on the one side and low cost and convenient supply as well as enough space for entrepreneurship and innovation on the other.

Yangpu will build an Innovation Economy Corridor in its west, a Makers’ Eco-community in its central area and develop its riverside area into a waterfront innovation hub during the period of the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-2020).

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