Police nab man after "dine and dash"

The suspect was found to have eaten at several restaurants in Wujiaochang since July, all without paying a cent.

A man around 40 years of age has been given 10 days of detention for eating at restaurants and then skipping the bill, police said Monday.

The man, surnamed Jiao, was finally caught on November 6 after consuming 187 yuan (US$28) of food and drinks at a restaurant in Wujiaochang, Yangpu District, before disappearing without paying. 

Police nab man after dine and dash
Ti Gong / SHINE

Jiao's bill shows what he ordered at the restaurant on the evening of November 6.

Police nab man after dine and dash
Ti Gong / SHINE

Jiao was caught on a surveillance camera in the restaurant.

When confronted, Jiao allegedly showed the restaurant staff another person’s receipt he found left in the restaurant, claiming to be his own.

Jiao was later found to have "dined and dashed" at several restaurants in Wujiaochang since July this year, although most restaurants decided not to pursue the matter further for fear of disturbing their business, police said.

Police added that the unemployed man is from out of town and that he was detained on the accusation of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble."

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