Tunnel completed to transmit electricity

The 14.36-kilometer-long tunnel will begin working to supply power to Baoshan, Yangpu and Hongkou.
Tunnel completed to transmit electricity
STEC Road and Bridge Group

The 14.36-kilometer-long tunnel between Panguang and Yixian roads connects the substations in Baoshan and Yangpu.

Construction was completed yesterday on a major tunnel for electric wires in the northern part of the city to transmit more efficient and stable electricity to downtown districts.

The 14.36-kilometer-long tunnel between Panguang and Yixian roads will begin working to supply power, with total capacity of 220 kilovolts, to Baoshan, Yangpu and Hongkou districts from this week to relieve the pressure during peak seasons of electricity usage. Construction on the tunnel began in September 2014.

It is the initial phase of a major power transmission project of the city that aims to send electricity from substations from the outskirts to downtown through higher capacity channels.

The tunnel that was completed yesterday is to connect the Yanghang Substation in Baoshan with the Hongyang Substation in Yangpu.

The second phase of the project, with a total capacity of 500 kilovolts, is scheduled to be completed and begin working by the end of the year, said Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co Road and Bridge Group, the city’s major tunnel constructor that takes charge of the project.

Shanghai has high demands on power usage — and few land resources to build transmission stations.

So tunnels are now considered the most efficient way to transmit electricity through major channels, according to the Shanghai Electric Power Co, the city’s power supplier.

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