Jinshan opened its first international star-level hotel

Shanghai Jinshan Holiday Inn, at No. 808 Zhiwei Road, will open for business at the end of February.

The first international star level hotel in suburban Jinshan District, Shanghai Jinshan Holiday Inn, is set to open for business at the end of February at No. 808 Zhiwei Road.

The hotel marked another step that Jinshan Development Park took to improve its functions.

Before 2010, investors often flinched when inspecting the park for lack of infrastructures. “They would ask us about accommodation and medical service in the park,” said Zhou Yongchao, the president of the development park.

Such issues were thorny at the time for the park located far from the downtown area.

But soon the park started urban planning and industrial convergence. Residential communities have been built, along with a 150000-square-meter greenbelt.

“Now there are 385 companies settled in the park,” said Zhou. “Thanks to the compound development of the park.”

As the first international star-level hotel in the district, Jinshan Hotel Inn is expected to enhance the hospitality capacity to hold more conference and seminars.

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