Employer 'catches maid stealing' via his mobile phone camera

The domestic helper's employer spotted her allegedly taking money from a wallet when checking out footage on a home surveillance camera on his phone.

A domestic helper has been detained for stealing over 2,500 yuan (US$385) from a household over a two-month period.

Shanghai police said on Tuesday that the suspect, surnamed Chen, was reported to the police last month by her employer who spotted her stealing while examining shots taken by a home surveillance camera on his mobile phone.

Chen’s employer, surnamed Xu, caught her stealing money from a wallet placed on the TV stand while mopping a floor on the morning of December 20, police added.

Employer 'catches maid stealing' via his mobile phone camera
Ti Gong

Scene of the alleged theft as portrayed by a surveillance camera

Xu, who was at home that day, called the police in Yangpu District. Chen stole 110 yuan from the wallet, police said.

The suspect allegedly admitted that she has stolen money from her employer’s home over 10 times since the end of October, taking a few hundred yuan at a time.

Xu said he and his wife noticed money going missing in October and installed a surveillance camera as they thought their apartment was being burgled.

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