6 more city sites put on list of landmarks

A century-old post office, a war site, a ballroom and villas have been included in the 20th-Century Chinese Architectural Heritage List.

Six local historical landmarks have been added into the newly released second 20th-Century Chinese Architectural Heritage List.

They include the city’s main post office, a war site, ballroom and villas, the city’s tourism authority said.

Shanghai already has 13 historical sites in the first list that was issued in 2016.

The General Post Office Building, the head post office of Shanghai, on Sichuan Road N., Hongkou District, heads the new list. Designed by a British architect and built in 1924, it has stood by Suzhou Creek for nearly a century. It has a bell tower in baroque-style as well as a set of statues.

Shanghai’s war landmark Sihang Warehouse on Guangfu Road in Jing’an District is also on the new list. The Defense of Sihang Warehouse took place from October 26 to November 1, 1937, after which Japanese troops made their way to Nanjing and then committed the infamous Nanjing Massacre.

The other four historical sites are Paramount ballroom, the former residences of Sun Yat-sen and Qing Dynasty minister Sheng Xuanhuai, and Moller Villa.

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