Stunning images from the world's top photographers on display

An exhibition at the Shanghai World Financial Center showcases the work of the world's finest photographers with award-winning shots from around the globe. 
Yang Jian / SHINE

A visitor uses a mobile phone to capture some of the world's finest images on display at the exhibition.

An exhibition featuring the world’s top photographers has opened at the Shanghai World Financial Center.

Images by 68 photographers with the renowned Swedish photographers' community show the best of natural and urban beauty from across the world. The exhibition is on the building’s 94th floor through March 18.

The photographs on display have been chosen from the best taken since the establishment of a decade ago, said Ralf Stelander, CEO of the online community. Many of the works have won multiple international awards.

"We brought our best photographers with diverse nationalities and cultures, including seven Chinese photographers to create a artistic feast for Chinese audiences," Stelander said.

The exhibits include street photos showcasing urban scenery and landscape photography boasting stunning beauty as well as human portraits, according to the organizer.

The exhibition is expected to inspire local artists, said Lin Lu, one of its curators.

Yang Jian / SHINE

A visitor takes a photo of one of the exhibits at the Shanghai World Financial Center.

Among the works, the Mad Madrid series from Mexican photographer Alejandro Marcos records the people and events in the Spanish city in 2011 and 2012. 

One of the world's finest landscape photographers, Marc Adamus displays his series of sunsets taken around the world.

Dutch photographer Lars van de Goor revives the classic photographic style of the 1960s, while Dave Nitsche from the United States displays many innovative works and ultra-high speed photography.

Tens of thousands of photos are uploaded to the site every day, but only 5 percent are selected for publication by a curator panel.

Yang Jian / SHINE

A visitor captures a few of the stunning images on show at the Shanghai World Financial Center on his mobile phone.

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