'Lonely Tuesday' supermarket suspect held by police

An elderly local man surnamed Xu is said to have robbed supermarket customers on Tuesdays as there were few people in the neighboring park where he used to chat with visitors.

A suspect said to have been stealing money from supermarket customers on Tuesdays has been apprehended by police.

The suspect, an elderly local man surnamed Xu, is said to have told the police he came to the supermarket on Tuesdays because he felt bored as there were few people in the neighboring park to chat to.

Police at the Kongjiang Road Station in Yangpu District received reports on December 12 and 19 last year that customers at a supermarket on Jingyu Road M. had their wallets stolen.

From surveillance cameras in the supermarket, police identified a suspect wearing the same flat cap on both occasions.

Since the thefts happened only on Tuesdays, police decided to wait for the suspect to appear again the next Tuesday, and they were not disappointed.

Police said Xu was seen deliberately jostling customers, asking them to make way. When he was about to use scissors and tweezers to steal wallets, police said, they stepped in to apprehend him.

'Lonely Tuesday' supermarket suspect held by police
Ti Gong
Special Reports