Police help reunite phones lost at Disney with their owners

Police have helped return around 80 percent of lost phones to Disney patrons recently, a dramatic increase from when the park first opened.
Dong Jun / SHINE

visitors watch the parades in Shanghai Disneyland on January 24, 2018.

Tourists at Shanghai Disney Resort are now more likely to get their lost phones and baby strollers back thanks to streamlined efforts to return lost and found items by the resort and the police.

Pudong police said on Wednesday that a new measure introduced to reunite owners with their lost phones has enabled them to return over 80 percent in recent months, a dramatic rise compared with when the resort first opened.

Now, once a lost phone is turned in to lost and found staff at the resort, they will call police from the phone on 110 and inform them that the number they are calling from is a lost phone. Phones usually don't need to be unlocked in order to call emergency services.

Police will later call the number again to contact the owner, who would likely have applied for a new SIM card with the same number.

Besides phones, 70 percent of identity cards and passports and 54 percent of baby strollers have also been returned to their owners in recent months.

Police said these three items are most frequently lost at the resort.

Yu Jiaxin, a police officer working at the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, said lost ID cards and passports are collected daily after work by resort staff and turned in to police. Lost phones are turned in once a month and lost baby strollers every three months.

While ID cards and passports have personal data on them, making it easier for police to contact their owners, officers largely have to wait for owners of lost baby strollers to appear.

Zhu Jun, an official at the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone police, said lost items will enter the police inventory when the first efforts of finding their owners fail, and will be disposed of after six months if no one claims them.

The inventory of all lost and found items in Shanghai can be found at online, but this feature is available only in Chinese.

The site currently has over 300 items indicated as being found by staff at the Disney Resort on the inventory list, including mobile phones, cameras, laptops, suitcases, ID cards and accessories.

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