Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce inks deal with Putuo

Yang Jian
Over 100 entrepreneurs with the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to Putuo District to help the district further optimize its business environment.
Yang Jian

OVER 100 entrepreneurs with the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce paid a visit to Putuo District to help the district further optimize its business environment.

Visiting entrepreneurs, on April 1, included the Chairman of Fosun International Co, Guo Guangchang, who also serves as the chairman of the chamber, as well as top officials from famous Chinese brands such as Shanshan, Metersbonwe and Focus Media.

Putuo District Party Secretary Cao Liqiang and district Director Zhou Minhao greeted the guests and pledged to better serve companies based in Putuo and optimize its business environment.

Wei Jing, deputy director with Putuo, and Jiang Nanchun, chairman and CEO of Focus Media, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

Zhou pointed out that Putuo is closely linked with the city government’s strategies and focuses on nurturing and developing new development drives.

Putuo has been optimizing the regional business environment, enhancing the comprehensive service functions, and increasing the influence and attraction of the district.

Zhou said the district government and the chamber will enhance cooperation on projects, funds and technologies to achieve win-win results on higher levels and covering more fields.

Putuo will continue adhering to the purpose of “convenience, high speed, and service” to create a collaborative and sophisticated government environment and an efficient and convenient business environment.

It has made “optimizing business environment” one of its top tasks this year to lure more multinational enterprises, industrial leaders and leading startups to make a base in the district.

Favorable policies

The district has launched three inclusive policies to benefit all the Putuo-registered enterprises on company services, technological innovation and talent development.

Five industrial policies will support the key industries of the district, including finance, culture, professional services, intellectual manufacturing and robotics, as well as online gaming.

Other preferential policies and measures will be carried out to further support and benefit the enterprises with outstanding performances on energy saving as well as emission and carbon reductions.

The city’s first “one-stop integrated service platform” has opened in Putuo for companies to cover enterprise services, technological innovation, talent training and industrial development, which are key to the development of enterprises.

“District governments should serve as the ‘servant’ to immediately respond to the companies’ demands, solve their difficulties and help with their development,” Cao said.

The government also pledged to improve communications with companies, especially those private enterprises. More than half of the Putuo companies are in the private sector, the largest proportion in the city.

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