Songjiang residents to benefit from neighborhood medical services

Residents in Songjiang District can enjoy a diverse set of medical services, right on their doorsteps.

Residents in suburban Songjiang District can now enjoy a diverse set of medical services, right on their doorsteps, which are generally only available in comprehensive hospitals.

Previously, residents were required to take biochemical tests at the Songjiang Central Hospital, the best hospital in Songjiang. But now, residents can take the same tests at neighborhood health care centers and their blood samples will be sent to Songjiang Central Hospital for further testing. 

As another example, patients with uremia previously had to receive peritoneal dialysis at the Songjiang Central Hospital as it is the only one equipped with the required devices. But now they don’t need to pay frequent visits — instead they can receive treatment at home.

General practitioners in neighborhood health care centers are trained in how to use peritoneal dialysis machines and are allowed to take them to patients’ homes to give treatment. Also, medical experts from the central hospital will visit patients from time to time to check on their conditions.

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