Full electric vehicles added to city's taxi fleet

Taxi firm Qiangsheng will put 400 new vehicles including 100 full electric ones into operation from September.

Taxi firm Qiangsheng will put 400 new vehicles into operation from September to serve the potential tourists flow during the China International Import Expo.

The taxi firm has also offered English training course to their telephone operators so that they can better handle enquiries from expats.

During the expo, Qiangsheng will collaborate with Shanghai Call Center 962288 to provide translation service for foreigners who cannot speak English or Japanese. Calls made to Qiangsheng’s booking line 62580000 with minority languages will be transferred to Shanghai Call Center.

Half of the new taxis to start operating in September will be seven-seat minivans. Last September, Qiangsheng first put in 100 such minivans into the market with a flag fall price of 19 yuan (US$3). The minivan has been popular since then as they offer more space for family trips and business commuters.

Meanwhile, among the 400 new taxis, 100 of which are full electric vehicles as an attempt to appeal to a more environmental friendly way of operation. This is the first time for the city to put full electric vehicles into taxi business.

All new taxis will be equipped with surveillance cameras. So far, more than 3,000 taxis have been installed with cameras since the company started the practice in 2016.

Ti Gong

The model of full electric vehicle Qiangsheng will put into service in September.

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