Jiading takes 10 giant steps to a bold and innovative future

Jiading sets its course for the future with many achievements last year.

The dome of a pavilion at Huilongtan Park

Jiading sets its course for the future with many achievements last year.

It accelerated its integration in the Yangtze River Delta, launched a partnership with neighbors Suzhou in Jiangsu Province and Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province and held the region’s first scientific technology fair.

China’s first privately owned nanosatellite, Jiading-1, was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

A grassroots survey helped find out the issues people were most concerned about and the construction of “beautiful Jiading” is being accelerated to push forward the intensive management of the district.

Facing an unpredictable external environment and the arduous task of reform and development, Jiading made steady progress in building a town of innovation and vitality by maintaining its strength, seizing opportunities and moving forward.

There were 10 key achievements last year.


Jiading carried out a yearlong survey which sought the views of more than 370,000 families to find out the issues they were most concerned about.

Reform has entered a crucial phase and Jiading, which is at an important stage of high-quality development, has a lot of problems to be solved.

How many problems are there? How to solve these problems? Only after investigation can these questions be answered accurately. Only by investigating and researching can district authorities understand people’s situation, observe public opinion and make decisions.

800-year-old Jiading


A visitor appreciates paintings marking the 800th anniversary of Jiading.

A series of exhibitions, shows and activities was held last year to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Jiading as a county.

The county of Jiading was officially established on January 7, 1218. Emperor Ningzong (1168-1224) of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) gave his approval. The county was named after the title of the then emperor’s reign. Jiading in Chinese means land of cleanness and peacefulness.

Over the past 800 years, life has changed dramatically. What remains unchanged is Jiadingers’ yearning for a better life and the spirit of striving for it.

At present, as a town of innovation and vitality, Jiading is concentrating on the quantity and quality of economic growth, the image and warmth of the town, as well as ensuring an orderly society full of vitality.

Intelligent network


A car for Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test in Jiading 

As the first batch of enterprises attending the Intelligent Connected Vehicle’s road testing, the ICVs from Jiading-based SAIC Motor Co and electric carmaker NIO drove from the E-Zone and carried out real public road testing on Boyuan Road in Anting Town last March, which means the ICV with driverless at its core is getting closer to people’s real life.

The licenses will allow the two companies to test their ICVs on a 5.6-kilometer stretch of public road in Jiading District.

There was another big move. Shanghai-based automaker SAIC Volkswagen kicked off the construction of its new-energy vehicle plant last October. The plant, with an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles, is expected to be in operation in 2020.

As one of the birthplaces of China’s automobile industry, Jiading has the nation’s largest automobile industry, the most complete automobile industry chain and the most prominent industrial agglomeration.

It houses more than 300 car manufacturers and spare parts enterprises, six national public service platforms, more than 100 R&D institutions and over 30,000 professionals.

‘Beautiful Jiading’

A volunteer campaign “Beautiful Jiading, a Civilized Town” was held last March while a strategy “Beautiful Jiading, a Livable Home” was launched at the same time.

Auditions for the most beautiful lane, street, square, park, village, river, courtyard, apartment building, person and public toilet helped Jiading grow beautifully.

The “beautiful” series was the answer to Shanghai’s three-year action plan for intensive urban management and the starting point for a better town.

Beautiful Jiading will not only have blue sky, green land and clean water but also make great efforts in all fields and details of social governance.

How to establish and deepen social coordination mechanism is a test for urban managers.

Science and technology innovation

An advanced laser technology innovation center established by Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone and the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics has partnered with a number of Jiading-based tech firms to develop projects that include laser radar and titanium gemstones.

In July, Jiading broke ground for the National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center. The center will concentrate on sensor technology innovation, hoping to develop into a world-class laboratory.

From the construction of a scientific satellite town to a major site of Shanghai’s ambition to become a global science and technology innovation center, Jiading is consistently driving high-quality development by scientific and technological innovation.

The district provides 133 hectares of land for state-owned research institutes and technology companies and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and intensifies cooperation between enterprises and investors. It also attracts top-notch talent, and promotes integration of all kinds of innovative factors.

‘China Renowned Quyi Town’

Jiading was named a “China Renowned Quyi Town” last April, becoming the country’s fourth to win the title. Quyi refers to the traditional local artforms including story-telling and operas performed in local dialects. Additionally, Jiading is a science and technology hub, an auto town and a civilized district.

The district also completed the establishment of the National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zone to further consolidate its soft power.


Jiading-1, China’s first privately owned nanosatellite, was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on November 20. It carried the first space based Internet of Things detection system Xiangyun.

The nanosatellite was designed by Nanxiang enterprise Space OK Aerospace Science and Technology Co Ltd.

Government support from Jiading and Nanxiang powered the company with capital and talent.

The integration of Yangtze River Delta

Jiading partnered with Suhzou and Wenzhou last year and jointly hosted the first Scientific Technology Fair for the Yangtze River Delta Region from November 28 to 30.

In the past year, Jiading also enhanced ties with Kunshan and Taicang, both in Jiangsu Province.

Resources in the fields of industry, science and technology, transport, ecology and people’s livelihoods were further coordinated.

Jiading’s goal is to become a leading test ground for the development of higher quality integration in the Yangtze River Delta.

40 years of reform and opening-up

Jiading hosted a number of activities last year to celebrate 40 years of reform and opening-up.

In the past 40 years, Jiading achieved a historic leap of strength, made a historic change of urban and rural construction and achieved great improvements in people’s livelihoods.

Standing at a new starting point, deepening reform and opening-up in an all-round way has become a unified idea and conscious action for everyone in the district.

Footpath along the ring river

Li Huacheng / Ti Gong

The footpath along the ring river in Jiading

Jiading held a ceremony last July to celebrate the completion of a footpath along the inner edge of the ring river. At the end of September, a 9.5-kilometer footpath along the outer edge of the ring river was completed.

The 6.5-kilometer ring river of Jiading is Shanghai’s only existing moat. When people walk on the path, the Jiading edition of the renowned Chinese painting “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” is revealed in successive scenes.

The sites of the former water passes, together with the ring river, have become an indispensable background of Jiading. A footpath along the ring river links up not only scenic spots, but also the town and its people.

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