Crayfish prices rise

Ke Jiayun
May is the high season for the product but low temperatures and frequent rain earlier this year have affected growth and quality.
Ke Jiayun

The price of crayfish has risen because of low temperatures and frequent rainy days earlier this year affecting their growth. 

May is the high season for crayfish.

At the Shanghai Jiangyang Aquatic Products Wholesale Market, wholesale prices are higher than usual, from 50 to 100 yuan per kilogram (US$7 to US$15).  

On Alibaba's Hema Fresh Market app, cooked middle-sized crayfish are selling for 158 to 178 yuan per kilogram. At a local popular crayfish eatery, a middle-sized dish of crayfish is 128 yuan while the large-size selling for 188 yuan. 

Although the number of crayfish farms has been increasing in recent years, prices haven't seen any significant reduction. And more rain this year has meant higher prices for good quality product.

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