Malaysian tourist festival begins in Changning

A four-day culture and tourism festival offers a glimpse of the country's culture, food and traditions. 
Ti Gong

Malaysian performers show off a variety of traditional costumes at the Malaysia Culture and Tourism Fair 2019.

Ti Gong

Dancers open the Malaysia Culture and Tourism Fair 2019.

A four-day Malaysia culture and tourism festival kicked off in Changning District on Thursday, offering a glimpse into the country's culture, food and fashions. 

The Malaysia Culture and Tourism Fair 2019 at The Place shopping mall in Hongqiao invites visitors to watch performances, taste iconic Malaysian delicacies like teh tarik or "pulled tea," a hot milk tea beverage, and nasi lemak, a fragrant Malay rice dish cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaf.

Traditional dances will be staged and Malaysian handicrafts are on show. 

The festival, which runs through May 19, is jointly organized by Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board and Shanghai Spring Tour.

Malaysia received 2.9 million tourists from China last year, an increase of 29 percent, making China the third biggest tourist source country following Singapore and Indonesia. 

The year 2020 will be China-Malaysia Tourism Year.

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