Drunk man attacks bus driver

Chen Huizhi
Passengers called police after incident that the perperator claimed never happened, until he was shown footage from cameras inside the bus. 
Chen Huizhi

A man has been detained for attacking a bus driver while drunk, police said on Monday.

No one was injured in the incident which took place at 10:38pm on June 27, police said.

When the man, surnamed Xie, got on a No. 726 bus from Kailu Road, he began to verbally abuse the driver. When the driver didn’t react, Xie pointed his finger at the driver’s face. The driver tried to fend him off but was then hit in the face. 

When the driver stopped the bus, Xie got even more excited and started to beat up the driver. That was when passengers called the police.

Xie was subdued by police from the Yinhang police station in Yangpu District.

After sobering up, Xie claimed he had never touched the bus driver, but later confessed when shown footage captured by cameras inside the bus.

Xie is facing a charge of endangering public safety with dangerous means, police said, an offense which could land him in prison from three to 10 years.

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