Intellectual property awards for local companies

Ke Jiayun
Nine local enterprises announced as winners of the first Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award for their contributions to city's intellectual property development.
Ke Jiayun

Nine local enterprises were honored at the Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award at the opening ceremony of the 16th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum on Monday for their contributions to the city's intellectual property creation, protection and application.

The awards are the result of an agreement signed by the city government and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in November last year.

Selection was launched in May this year and it took the judges four months to go through five rounds of candidates to determine the winners.

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Jiao Tong University and United Imaging Healthcare won creation awards. Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc China, Shanghai Pharma Xingling Science and Technology Pharmaceutical Co and local jewelry brand Shanghai Laofengxiang Co won protection awards, while MicroPort, Shanghai Construction Group and WingsMedia won application awards.

Xue Min, chairman and CEO of United Imaging Healthcare, said it was a great honor to win an award in recognition of its emphasis and efforts in intellectual property.

"United Imaging Healthcare set up a professional team for the intellectual property issues of our development and research after it was founded, which helps to protect our research results. In the past eight and a half years, we have applied for more than 3,800 patents and over 80 percent of them are patents for invention, a very high level." He said the company also had more than 700 invention patents overseas.

Rui Wenbiao, head of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, said the awards showed that Shanghai was paying more attention to innovation in its future development and would encourage more enterprises to join intellectual property innovation.

"For the next step, we are planning to expand coverage of the China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center, which has shortened the previous three-year patent application period to only three months, and let it serve enterprises across the city. "

One of the award presenters, Francis Gurry, director general of WIPO, said that last year 1.54 million of the 3.3 million patent applications around the world were from China, accounting for 46 percent.

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