The best of Shanghai on show

Hu Min Ma Xuefeng
Visitors to the China International Import Expo will see time-honored brands and examples of intangible cultural heritage that are representatives of the city.
Hu Min Ma Xuefeng

Shanghai will display 37 examples of intangible cultural heritages and 69 time-honored brands at the intangible cultural heritage exhibition at the second China International Import Expo which opens on Tuesday.

The exhibition area for both has three sections — "Shikumen," "Jiangnan Residence" (regions south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River), and "Shanghai Times." Twenty intangible cultural heritage performances will be staged by 18 troupes.

The "Shikumen" and "Jiangnan Residence" areas allow visitors to appreciate red culture, haipai (the unique Shanghai-style culture of East-meets-West) culture and Jiangnan culture with displays of typical shikumen architecture.

Filmed and edited by Ma Xuefeng

Exhibits include a huge wood-block printing work comprising more than 2,000 wood blocks which took eight years to finish and a "Shanghai nursery rhyme" paper-cut 17 meters long and 0.8 meters tall.

"Dream city," a 4-square-meter woolen embroidery work, showcases the development of Lujiazui. It took nearly a year to complete.

Traditional products such as Nanxiang xiaolong (steamed buns), Fenghua soap and Longfeng cheongsam are also on show.

Kunju, Yueju and Huju opera, Jiangnan sizhu (string and wind music), rolling lanterns, Shanghai-style acrobatics and a cheongsam show will also be staged during the expo.

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