Truck drivers urged to use new toll device

Xu Lingchao
Electronic toll collection devices will allow small commercial vehicles to pass through toll gates more quickly. Applications open next week.
Xu Lingchao

Small commercial trucks can apply for electronic toll collection (ETC) devices starting November 26, Shanghai Public Traffic Card Group announced on Wednesday.

The traffic card company said upgrades to its ETC system will be completed by the end of this year, which means that by January 1 commercial drivers will be able to pass more quickly through toll gates.

Previously, few truck drivers used ETC cards, which required manual swiping at each toll gate. Now, the operator is urging drivers to upgrade to its new ETC devices which deduct payment automatically.

“With the ETC system, it will take only three seconds for a truck to pass a toll,” said Wang Jian from the public traffic card company. “Now it’s 30 seconds.”

Wang said for drivers who own the trucks will need their IDs, drivers’ licenses, vehicle registrations and cargo transport certification when they apply for the device.

All trucks must go to an ETC installation office to finish the application, the company said.

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