Cutting-edge plan for dockyard

Xu Lingchao
Historic buildings to be preserved as waterfront area in the Pudong New Area is transformed into an industrial zone highlighting the latest technologies.
Xu Lingchao

The site of the dockyard of Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group in the Pudong New Area is to become a waterfront industrial zone highlighting cutting-edge technologies in 2021, a district official said on Wednesday.

The 0.65-square-kilometer dockyard was built in 1928 by Swedish ship magnate Eric Moller, now home to one of the major plants building ships for the Chinese navy. The plant will move out in June 2021.

The Jinqiao Group, which is in charge of construction, said the historic buildings of the dockyard along the north section of the Huangpu River will all be preserved.

The development of the dockyard will take advantage of Hudong-Zhonghua’s resources in marine engineering equipment and oceanic technologies and combine them with the 5G and TMT technologies which Jinqiao takes pride in.

The dockyard will thus become an industrial zone where headquarters and research centers of 5G, AI and big data enterprises should thrive.

The district is also planning to attract higher learning institutions and exhibitions to the dockyard.

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