Metro Line 16 to offer city's first direct trains

Chen Huizhi
Shanghai Metro has announced that four non-stop trains will run on work days between Longyang Road station and Dishui Lake station in the Pudong New Area.
Chen Huizhi

Public transportation from the city center to the Lingang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will become faster with new non-stop services on Metro Line 16.

Shanghai Metro announced on Monday that Line 16 will run four direct trains on workdays between Longyang Road Station and Dishui Lake Station in the Pudong New Area.

One direct trip will take only 37 minutes, compared with 46 to 57 minutes at the moment, according to the company.

The direct trains will leave from Longyang Road Station at 7:30am and 12:30pm, and those heading for that station from the south will depart at 12pm and 5:45pm.

This is the first time that Shanghai Metro has introduced direct trains.

The Metro company said it would adjust the schedules of the direct trains and add more such trains on weekends and during holidays in the future if necessary.

Dishui Lake, which is located on the seaside, is an artificial lake and a tourist destination in Shanghai, with Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park and China Maritime Museum nearby.

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