Shanghai's tourism festival branches out

Hu Min
Saturday's launch of the city's festival aimed at attracting tourists will be celebrated in three other cities in neighboring provinces for the first time.
Hu Min

Three cities in the Yangtze River Delta region — Nantong, Wenzhou and Huangshan — will be in festive mood from Saturday with the Shanghai Tourism Festival setting up three sub-venues for the first time.

Nantong in neighboring Jiangsu Province will stage a fireworks display, unmanned aerial vehicle performance, food bazaar, night market, cultural performances and float parade outside Nantong Forest Safari Park on Saturday night to celebrate the opening of the tourism festival.

The 2020 Nantong International Tourism Festival through October 7 will begin at the same time, featuring a light show at Zilang Lake, art and cultural festivals, food festival and night tours at museums.

In Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, a driving tourism and cultural festival will kick off on Saturday as part of the festival.

The city will promote its signature cuisine between September 21 and October 6 in Shanghai.

Activities such as 2020 Yangtze River Delta region food culture week, Nanxi River recreational vehicle camping and eSports activities, Nanxi River music carnival and Yandang Mountain bazaar are on the agenda.

"Wenzhou has made full preparation for the festival to introduce its diversified, unique and charming tourism resources to Shanghai residents and tourists in the Yangtze River Delta region," said Tang Xiaoshu, vice mayor of Wenzhou.

"These festive activities will enable tourists to savor the picturesque landscape of Wenzhou and promote high-quality development of Wenzhou's cultural and tourism services," said Tang.

Huangshan in Anhui Province will host an intangible cultural heritage night market during the festival.

The city will also host food promotions of local cuisines and snacks at the Jinjiang Amusement Park in Shanghai's Minhang District between September 11 and 20, and display the splendor of Anhui-style folk performances in Shanghai.

A Huangshan intangible cultural heritage shopping festival at the amusement park will also woo visitors.

Meanwhile, 15 tourist attractions in Nantong will offer half-price admission between September 12 and 18, and coupons are being distributed to tourists to Nantong.

Tourism authorities in Shanghai and Wenzhou have launched a tourism pass covering 54 attractions in both cities and an ETC (electronic toll collection) card enabling discounted admissions to boost the cities' tourism market.

The Yangtze River Delta Pass (Shanghai-Wenzhou version) includes 26 scenic spots in Wenzhou and 28 attractions in Shanghai with a combined value of 2,000 yuan (US$293). Card holders can enjoy unlimited admissions within a year. An ETC card allowing free admission to tourist attractions within three days after passing ETC devices has also been launched.

Between September 12 and 27, tourists will be able to travel to 27 attractions in Wenzhou with half-price tickets.

In Huangshan, an annual tourism pass targeting tourists in the delta region will be released during the festival, and accommodation subsidies for tour groups will be on offer.

The festival will feature activities that include cycling, cruises, light shows and culture festivals in Shanghai. Tourists and residents can experience 102 tourism routes and products during the festival from September 12 to 27.

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