Congress approves city's 14th Five-Year Plan

Chen Huizhi
The city's legislators pass the plan for Shanghai's economic and social development over the next five years at the closing plenary of this year's session.
Chen Huizhi
Congress approves citys 14th Five-Year Plan
Liu Xin / Ti Gong

The closing plenary of this year's session of Shanghai People's Congress at the Expo Center on Wednesday afternoon.

The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for the city's economic and social development and its long-term vision through 2035 was passed on Wednesday.

Deputies to the Shanghai People’s Congress, the city’s legislature, voted on its decision to accept the proposals of the plan at the closing plenary of this year’s session.

The comprehensive plan charts out Shanghai’s ambition of becoming an “alluring city featuring innovation, humanity and ecology, as well as a socialistic metropolis with global influence” by 2035.

According to the plan, Shanghai residents will have more public transport options, major cultural, recreational and sports facilities, smart public services, better senior care and a better living environment in the next five year.

The city will also expand its opening-up and boost digital transformation, aiming to accelerate the gathering of global high-end resources and increase expenditure on research and development.

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