Think you're immune to scams? Play this game!

Chen Huizhi
Shanghai police have renewed their efforts to raise public awareness of telecom and Internet frauds through a WeChat game.
Chen Huizhi
SSI ļʱ

If fraud reminders are too boring to read, a game is a good alternative.

Shanghai police have introduced a WeChat game which tests and educates people on common fraud tricks. It is the first of its kind in the nation.

Telecom and Internet scams have become increasingly common in recent years. Although police have been working closely with banks to stop suspicious money transactions through quick reaction mechanisms, victims could still lose to scammers.

The game was developed by police in Yangpu District and a local IT company.

People who play the game choose a role at the beginning and gather points by answering questions in different fraud scenarios.

For example, if one chooses the role of “a father with a child,” he will be set a scenario in which fraudsters introduce a loan platform and be tested if he can smell the fraud, especially when the fraudsters ask for his money.

People can receive a gift from the police when they gather a certain number of points in the game.

The game also contains videos of police officers talking about types of fraud and fraud prevention.

People can search “Wuzhatianxia” in WeChat to play the game. It’s entirely in Chinese.

SSI ļʱ

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