Transit guidelines for 10th China Flower Expo

Li Xinran
During The 10th China Flower Expo, a temporary traffic control area will be set up around the park, and people driving to the event are required to book a parking spot in advance.
Li Xinran

The 10th China Flower Expo will be held on Chongming Island from May 21 to July 2. During the event period, a temporary traffic control area will be set up around the Dongping National Forest Park, and those driving to the expo are required to book a parking spot in advance, according to Shanghai's transport commission. 

It is recommended that people join a travel group or take public transport.

People can visit the expo via the following means:

1. Participate in a tour group.

2. From the city center, take public transport such as the flower expo designated lines and land-and-water transportation lines.

3. Make a reservation for a parking spot at expo park if you plan to drive. Install ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) in advance to reduce waiting time.

4. After landing on the island by other means of transportation, transfer to an expo bus, expo tourism line or a taxi to get to expo park.

Flower expo special lines will be available at seven transport hubs connecting with Metro stations — including Hutai Road, Wuzhou Avenue, Longyang Road, Gaoqiao long-distance bus station and Jiading New Town — to reach expo park's north parking lot No. 1 (public transport hub).

Visitors need to book tickets at least a day in advance (before 6pm) to take the expo special line via the flower expo's WeChat mini program. The ticket price is 20 yuan one way, 40 yuan round trip.

Ten customized passenger lines will depart from People’s Square, Xinzhuang, Gucun Park, Anting, Hongqiao Transport Hub, Wujiaochang, Century Avenue, Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai South Railway Station and Railway Jinshanwei Station.

The two special ferry lines for land-and-water transportation are from Shidongkou Wharf to Xinhe Wharf (departure time: 8:15am-1:15pm; return time: 11:45am-5:45pm) and from Wusong Wharf to Xinhe Wharf (departure time: 8am-1pm; return time: 1pm-5pm).

There are three special bus lines connecting with the ferry boats.

Line 1: Between Fujin Road bus terminal and Shidongkou Wharf. Departure time from Fujin Road is 6am-12pm, and 12:10pm-6:20pm from Shidongkou.

Line 2: Between Shuichan Road bus terminal and Wusong Wharf. Departure time from Shuichan Road bus terminal is 7:30am-12:30pm, and 2pm-6pm from Wusong wharf.

Line 3 (on Chongming Island): Between Xinhe Wharf and expo park's north parking lot No. 1. Departure time from Xinhe wharf is 8:40am-2pm, and 10:10am-4:40pm from the expo park.

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