Watchdog body unveiled to protect city consumers' rights

Hu Min
Shanghai Consumer Foundation will support public interest litigation, monitor the quality of commodities and research the protection of consumer rights.
Hu Min

The Shanghai Consumer Foundation was unveiled on Thursday with volunteers appointed to safeguard the rights of consumers in the city.

Led by Shanghai Consumer Council, the foundation will provide financial support for public interest litigation in the consumption field, do tests and monitoring of commodity quality, and undertake research on the protection of consumer rights.

It will also help consumers file lawsuits ensure their rights and award organizations and individuals who make outstanding contributions in protecting consumer rights.

It will fuel Shanghai's construction of an international consumption center by promoting low-carbon green consumption, enhancing the protection of consumers' rights to know and tackling difficulties in consumption disputes, said Fang Huiping, director of Shanghai Consumer Council.

Ten volunteers were appointed at the unveiling and they will use their expertise in law and other fields to help consumers safeguard their rights.

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