PCR test history reduced in Suishenban app

Chen Huizhi
From July 21, users can check their test results dating back to only July 6, instead of, as previously, the past three months.
Chen Huizhi

The past record of results for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for COVID-19 in Shanghai's health app "Suishenban" have been greatly reduced.

From Thursday, users can now only look up their test results dating back to July 6, instead of as previously the past three months.

Some job hunters who have experienced prejudice for having been infected, with their positive PCR test results displayed in the app, told Thepaper.cn that they welcomed the change.

"My test results from May and June were shown in the app yesterday (on Wednesday), but no longer now," one said. "This means that no company will find out that I was infected at that time or treat me differently from other job applicants for this reason."

The government hasn't commented on the change yet, but it came on the back of orders and decisions at both local and state levels that prohibit prejudice against job seekers due to them having been infected with COVID-19.

On Thursday, Shanghai People's Congress, the city's legislature, passed a strategy to promote employment. It stressed that employers are banned from terminating labor contracts with employees for the reason that they have infectious disease, or turning down job seekers on the basis that they previously have had such disease.

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