Comprehensive new laws on women's rights take effect in 2023

Zhu Yuting
A series of new laws take action in 2023, focused on women's rights. The comprehensive rules cover everything from women's health care to workplace discrimination and privacy.
Zhu Yuting

Promoting the HPV vaccine among age-appropriate women has been written into Shanghai's amended law on protection of women's rights and interests, which will take effect from January 1, 2023.

The law was approved by the city people's congress on Wednesday, which specifies the guarantee of women's rights and interests in many aspects, including heath, personal dignity, labor rights, family rights as well as the right to education. It also refined the measures on protecting women from trafficking and sexual insults.

It stipulates that part of the fee for labor analgesia will be covered by medical insurance, according to law.

It also requires that city and district-level governments should provide gynecologic and breast disease screenings for retired women, and those who have difficulties in life every two years.

As a highlight, the rules stress the ban on employment discrimination, and gender discrimination will be brought into the surveillance.

Moreover, the rules also prohibit the harassment of women, divulging or diffusing of a women's privacy and personal information after breakup or divorce.

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