Shanghai unveils medical plans for women, children

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai will improve health care for women and children and make a plan for HPV vaccinations and screenings to get rid of cervical cancer.
Cai Wenjun

The Shanghai Health Commission said it will increase women's and children's health services, autism screening, myopia and obesity intervention, as well as cervical cancer prevention and control.

The commission said it was working on an action plan to eliminate cervical cancer through HPV vaccination and widespread screening.

This year, a critical pregnant women and newborn child rescue network will be further enhanced, ensuring a faster and more efficient patient transfer. More training will be provided to grassroots medics in order to improve their ability to detect, diagnose and intervene on high-risk pregnant women.

Smart medicine is also being promoted by the commission, as are online birth certificate applications for newborns.

Last year, Shanghai rescued 99.1 percent of critically pregnant women and 93 percent of critically newborn babies.

Another 17 medical facilities were added to the city's congenital heart disease screening network, and 25,000 children with autism were screened and treated.

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