Local hospital wins cooperation with Team China

Cai Wenjun
The Shanghai 6th People's Hospital is now among the designated hospitals for China's national sports teams, treating injuries of athletes.
Cai Wenjun

Approved by the All-China Sports Federation, Shanghai 6th People's Hospital has been deemed one of the designated hospitals for China's national sports teams.

The hospital is the national orthopedics center.

Based on its high-end capability in orthopedics, emergency medicine and medical imaging, the hospital will offer professional support on bone and joint injury and treatment as well as rehabilitation, to ensure athlete health and performance, officials said.

The hospital said it will offer care, prevention and treatment for national team members, and launch green channels to provide quick, timely, precise and convenient medical service to athletes.

Under the requirement of national teams, the hospital will send medical experts to offer medical tours, medical consultation, and group consulting for athletes with serious disease or injury. The hospital will also establish a mechanism to regulate expert services, consultation and inter-hospital transfer for national team athletes.

Dr Yin Shankai, president of the hospital, said it has began working with the Shanghai Competitive Sports Training and Management Center to build the Shanghai Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center, combining the latest and most advanced theories and experiences on medicine and sports for a full-process management system on sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

"Our purpose is to not only treat athletes' disease and injuries, but also return them to the field as quickly as possible, while recreating their best performance," Yin said.

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