AI to assist with breast plastic surgery

Cai Wenjun
Local plastic surgeons are using artificial intelligence to assist with the selection of the most suitable breast implants.
Cai Wenjun

Local plastic surgeons are using artificial intelligence to assist with the selection of the most suitable breast implants, as well as the design of an appropriate outlook in line with patients' figures and conditions, experts have told a medical conference on breast plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment for breast cancer patients.

Leading experts and industry insiders gathered at the conference over the weekend to discuss the latest technology on post-breast cancer reconstruction and breast plastic surgery, and how to further regulate medical practice.

About 420,000 women suffer breast cancer in China each year. Many are young and middle-aged, with the surgery impacting on mental health.

AI to assist with breast plastic surgery

Doctors from Shanghai Mylike Cosmetic Hospital perform breast plastic surgery.

According to Dr Jiang Hua from Changzheng Hospital, breast reconstructive technology is extremely important to help such patients regain self-esteem and enjoy a quicker return to their normal life.

The loss or deformed breast can impose physical and psychological trauma on patients. But technology is able to help them regain their figure and confidence. However, it is important to strictly follow the clinical guidance and provide professional evaluation and design for an individualized plan.

"Previously, the size and model of breast implant was mainly based on doctors' own experiences, while patients may make choices based on what they have learn from the Internet or advertisements," said Dr Xu Yuhong from Shanghai Mylike Cosmetic Hospital. "There are also some improper practice in the industry, which may mislead patients."

The hospital announced at the conference it will offer free breast reconstructive surgery for three women who have had breast cancer or a tumor.

"We have introduced AI system to assist doctors to make a more efficient and reasonable surgery plan," she said.

"By entering all data of the patients, the system can develop different models and outlook by using different breast implants to give patients a vivid understanding for the surgical result and recommend the most suitable ones.

"New breast surgical technology can boost the standardization of post-breast cancer reconstruction. We hope the medical development can really bring benefit to such patients."

Eligible people can contact the hospital's public WeChat account to apply for the free service.

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