Meet expatriates celebrating Christmas season

Yang Yang
People have visited Laowaijie, or foreigners' street, in Shanghai, to celebrate the Christmas season.
Yang Yang

Subtitles by Yang Yang, David Bradbury.

People gathered in Laowaijie, or foreigners' street, in the city from December 1 to 3, to celebrate the Christmas festival, with fine foods, drinks and happiness.

City News Service met Luiz Zicarelli and his daughter.

Zicarelli spoke of the Christmas presents he has bought his daughter in recent years.

We met Georgia Holmes from the UK and her friend Nicole from the US. They talked about their attachment to Shanghai as well as their Christmas wishes. Morgane Hermanns, from Belgium, visited the Christmas party on Saturday with her family where they ordered a protein pancake and enjoyed the festivities.

Last but not least, we talked with Santa: Mike Maraphy from the US. Check to find what the Santa has to say to all of us.

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