Live-streaming app Huajiao rapped for listing Hong Kong, Taiwan as countries

Han Jing
Beijing's Internet watchdog called out live broadcast app "Huajiao" on Sunday after it listed Hong Kong and Taiwan as separate countries in its online game.
Han Jing
Live-streaming app Huajiao rapped for listing Hong Kong, Taiwan as countries

Beijing's Internet watchdog has ordered live-steaming app Huajiao to rectify its content after it listed Hong Kong and Taiwan as separate countries in its online quiz game “Million Winners,” or Bai Wan Ying Jia.

In its online quiz session at noon on January 13, a multiple-choice question asked which country is the current home of Hong Kong movie star Joey Wong. It provided three options: Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

Huajiao apologized later on the same day, saying it was not their intention and the mistake was due to "the quiz maker's carelessness."

The next day, the Beijing Cyberspace Administration said there is a huge flaw in the management of the Million Winners game, adding that Huajiao had violated Internet information laws and regulations which led to "harmful social impact."

The administration ordered the app to perform thorough self-inspection and rectify any problems found.

It also ordered other Internet services offering live quiz games to closely inspect their content and practices.

Huajiao was founded by China’s biggest cyber security firm Qihoo 360. By July last year it had 8 million daily active users.

Last week, several foreign companies, including Marriott International, Delta Airlines, Zara and Medtronic, were probed for labeling some of China's territories as independent countries.

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