Award-winning logos honor Hangzhou's heritage

Hu Min
Fifteen entries took prizes on Wednesday as part of a contest seeking logos for the city's intangible cultural heritage.
Hu Min
Award-winning logos honor Hangzhous heritage
Ti Gong

Winning entries of the logo competition

Fifteen submissions took awards in a contest seeking logos for four intangible cultural heritages of Hangzhou, in neighboring Zhejiang Province. 

The competition sought logos from home and abroad for four items on the prestigious "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" from UNESCO. 

The contest was launched by the Hangzhou City Administration of Culture, Radio and Television and Tourism in late September. The results were announced on Wednesday. 

Hangzhou has four intangible cultural heritages listed — seal engraving, silk craftsmanship, guqin (a plucked seven-string instrument) playing and the 24 solar terms. 

This was the first time that the city launched an event seeking intangible cultural heritage logos to promote the inheritance and protection of its cultural legacies. 

The contest encouraged innovative visual expression that integrates traditional culture and modern vision, showing the cultural confidence of the beautiful city. 

The 15 works were unveiled and awarded on Wednesday after three rounds of evaluation. 

About 400 submissions were collected in total from professional designers, university students and culture and innovation companies from home and abroad. More than 600,000 online votes were recorded. 

Award-winning logos honor Hangzhous heritage
Ti Gong

Winners are awarded.

A top-prize winning entry of Yuhang water silk wadding craftsmanship features the patterns of silkworm cocoon, the Chinese character meaning silk and water, bearing folk customs, the gentle features of water, and the subtle, exquisite and beautiful technique. 

It was designed by Cheng Jinrui, an art student in Hangzhou. He was not familiar with these intangible cultural heritages in the past and he spent nearly half a month reading various materials. 

"Good understanding guarantees fine work, and I experienced the infinite glamour of Hangzhou's intangible cultural heritages during the design," said Cheng. 

The contest also promotes the city's intangible cultural gems, said the Hangzhou City Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, and Tourism.

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