'Flying fish' fun ride ends in woman's death

Wang Qingchu
The young lady's body was recovered from waters in Qixing Bay in south China's Shenzhen two days after not returning from ride.
Wang Qingchu

Three man who ran a recreational activity which caused a woman to fall into the sea and die in south China's Shenzhen have been detained by police for manslaughter, local police said yesterday.

The woman surnamed Xiao disappeared in the sea near Jiaochangwei Beach in Dapeng District when she was taking a fun ride called "flying fish" at around 10pm on August 20.

The ride involved tourists holding on to a rubber raft being dragged in the sea by a fast-moving motorboat.

The 22-year-old woman's body was recovered from waters in Qixing Bay in the same district two days later, police said.

'Flying fish' fun ride ends in woman's death
Southern Metropolis Daily

The 22-year-old victim surnamed Xiao

Xiao's friend, who was also present at the beach, said Xiao and another person took the ride but Xiao didn't return.

There were others also enjoying the "flying fish" rides so they considered it a normal recreation activity, even though it was very late and dark, the friend told local media Southern Metropolis Daily.

'Flying fish' fun ride ends in woman's death

An online photo showing the "flying fish" fun ride

One end of the rubber raft where passengers sit would rise up, often to a vertical position, when the motorboat is driven at a high speed, according to online descriptions of the program.

Shortly before the incident happened, Dapeng District government had launched a crackdown against the "flying fish," especially targeting Jiaoweichang Beach.

Two rounds of raids were carried out and eight such activities, including four on the beach, were closed, Southern Metropolis Daily reported today.

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