2 Beijing-bound trains halt mid-journey over crew links to COVID-19 patients

Wang Zhihan Wang Qingchu
All 346 passengers and crew on G14 departing Shanghai and G108 from Jiaxing were quarantined and have tested negative for the virus.
Wang Zhihan Wang Qingchu

Two trains heading for Beijing have been stopped mid-journey with all passengers and the entire crew quarantined after two attendants were found to be close contacts of COVID-19 patients, Beijing Daily reported yesterday.

One attendant on bullet train G14 leaving from Shanghai for Beijing on October 28 was found to be a close contact, causing the train to be stopped at Jinan West Railway Station in Shandong Province.

A total of 212 people, including passengers and crew members, were placed under quarantine for observation.

Another train, the G108 from Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, stopped at Cangzhou West Railway Station in Hebei Province yesterday after one attendant was deemed a close contact. All 134 people were placed under observation.

As of this morning, all people on board the two trains have tested negative for the virus. The trains have been disinfected.

Beijing has vigorously tightened its pandemic controls after the capital city reported 27 positive cases. It has vowed to restrict the entry of people from medium- and high-risk areas.

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