Zhang Qian

Chief Feature Reporter
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The underground city lost in time

Qin Shi Huang wanted to take everything and everyone he needed to his next life. He needed a grand underground palace where he could keep on ruling his empire even after death.  
Art & Culture

Lucerne Festival Orchestra to share spirit of music with Shanghai

The Lucerne Festival Orchestra is playing in the city till October 22 as part of the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.
Art & Culture

Classic opera, ballet and drama tread city boards

Fascinating arts festival brings an array of world-class performances to local audiences. Here are some highlights of the festival.

Cut-price tickets snapped up for arts festival

A huge line was witnessed at the Shanghai Majestic Theater on Thursday morning as 14,000 cut-price tickets for the Arts Festival went on sale.

Arts festival releases 20 yuan tickets

More than 14,000 low-price tickets for programs of the 20th China Shanghai International Arts Festival will start selling from this Thursday. 
Art & Culture

An ancient engineering marvel

The Lingqu Canal, which was completed more than 2,000 years ago in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is one of the oldest canals in the world. 

Concert captures the spirit of calligraphy

No brushes, instead traditional Chinese instruments for orchestra members

Foreigners are welcome in traditional Chinese music program

Shanghai Conservatory of Music welcomes expatriates to join its 3rd "Chinese Traditional Music Institute" program, from October 14 to November 18.
Art & Culture

How 'fish mouth' changed lives

Dujiangyan, or Dujiang Weir, refers to an ancient irrigation and flood-control system in Dujiangyan City in Sichuan Province, which is one of the must-sees for tourists. 

International Chamber Music Center launched in Shanghai

The International Chamber Music Center at Shanghai Conservatory of Music was jointly launched on Saturday.