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Zhang Qian

Chief Feature Reporter

Artists perform for Inner Mongolian herders

Traveling company's gala in the rain delights residents in remote pastoral areas.
Art & Culture

Festival reaches out to Inner Mongolia

The 20th Shanghai International Arts Festival is staging performances outside the Yangtze River Delta region for the first time.

Shanghai ballet competition fails to award top prize

Three Chinese dancers were honored the Golden Award Saturday night at the 6th Shanghai International Ballet Competition awards ceremony, but the top prize remained out of reach.
Art & Culture

Chang clan steeped in royal history

"The contented one, indeed is to be Chang Le (always happy)!"

Isaac Stern violin competition kicks off this weekend

27 young violinists will have their adventure in Shanghai from this Saturday to September 1, during the 2nd Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition.
Art & Culture

Legend of the Silkworm God

An emperor's proposal after meeting the beautiful Leizu led to the spread of silkworm raising throughout China.
Art & Culture

'China Focus' shines at Edinburgh Fringe for second year

Five Chinese theater productions will be staged at the Edinburgh Fringe till August 27, as part of the festival's special program called "China Focus."
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An, embodying rich cultural diversity

The history of An embodies the rich cultural diversity that exists within China.
Art & Culture

Oscar-winning film composer didn't let law get in the way of his love of music

Lebanese-French composer Gabriel Yared revealed he was excited to hear that his work for "The English Patient" will be played live together with the movie in Shanghai.

Nunn so thrilled as 'Cats' director

Trevor Nunn, who directed the premiere production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Cats," was in Shanghai to bring the show back to the city for the first time since 2003.