Zhu Ying

Feature Reporter

Festival treat for lovers of Italian food

A taste of Italy has been laid out for local customers as a Fresh Hema store is offering the finest ingredients for a cuisine that is popular throughout the world.

Anniversary of national anthem to be celebrated by Fudan choir

To celebrate the 83rd anniversary of the song "March of the Volunteers," Shanghai's Echo Choirs will present a concert featuring classic Chinese songs in August.

Puppets taking over Shanghai as part of theater festival

The Hub Puppet Theater Festival, featuring 71 performances of 16 programs, is being held throughout the month of June.
Art & Culture

"Sister" Jiang Zhujun

"Tortures were nothing for the Communists. Those sticks are made of bamboo, but the will of the Communists is made of iron and steel."

Lined with plane trees, a street steeped in history

The 651-meter-long Shanyin Road in Hongkou District was at one time home to literati and revolutionaries. It is like an open-air museum, with building styles from the 1930s-40s.

Literary giant casts a tall shadow in neighborhood

The writer, editor, translator, literary critic, essayist and poet Lu Xun permeates Shanyin Road eight decades after his death.

Feel the music filling the summer air

The popular festival "Music in the Summer Air," about bringing high-quality, low-cost concerts to Shanghai, is back for its ninth season in July.
Art & Culture

Bamboo's not just for pandas

In China, bamboo is a symbol of integrity, modesty and persistence. Jiading bamboo carving, an art form that is over 400 years old, expresses the literati spirit. 
Art & Culture

Nuwa mends a hole in the sky

When heaven and Earth were in serious disruption due to a number of catastrophes, Nuwa saved the day and made the world reborn.

Opening portals into art for children

The Shanghai Poly Children's Arts Festival offers a range of programs to introduce children to, and involve them in, various performing arts.