Zhu Ying

Feature Reporter

Huangpu Theater brings the world to Shanghai

From "The Magic Flute" to "The Nutcracker" and the Bolshoi Ballet, Huangpu Theater's new program promises a feast of drama, ballet and opera in HD.

Solemnity marks shrine of worship and education

The Confucian Temple in Shanghai's city center, originally founded during the Yuan Dynasty, is a complex of gardens and buildings rich in history.

Lane life in the shadow of the sage

The old neighborhood near the Confucian Temple retains the traditional way of life, adding a charm that complements the historical significance of the religious site in its midst.

Decades of recording life's dramas, minute by minute

Located in Mianjin Lane, a 3-square-meter booth is probably the last neighborhood public telephone in Shanghai.
Art & Culture

Guo Longzhen: a revolutionary heroine

Guo Longzhen was a female revolutionary, a pioneer of the women's rights movement in northern China and a prominent leader of the labor movement of the Communist Party of China.
Art & Culture

The double-gun female general

A revolutionary, a pioneer feminist and an educator – all the honors belonged to Tang Qunying.

Distinctive alley neighborhoods in Shanghai

Lilong (neighborhood of lane houses) residences in Shanghai are a combination of Western and Chinese architecture.


French heritage, Chinese quintessence

Cité Bourgogne, a lilong, or traditional alleyway housing, neighborhood of preserved shikumen (stone-gated) houses, was designed by French merchants for residential use in 1930.


Life in the pockets of history

In the shadows of modern skyscrapers, old low-rise neighborhoods retain the charm, traditions and architecture of bygone eras.

One-man band wows guitar fans

Not just a player but also an inventor, Luca Stricagnoli has been astonishing local audiences with his superlative technique and innovative instruments.