Royal DSM aims to be partner in shaping China's future

The Dutch firm sees its state-of-the-art material products and solutions to help the four key trends shaping the future of China.

Royal DSM, a company involved in the health, nutrition and materials business, aims for its sustainable and innovative solutions to support the key trends shaping the future of China.

The Dutch company sees its state-of-the-art material products and solutions to help the four key trends — economic prosperity, innovation, sustainability and vitality — that are key to China's future, Roeland Polet, president of engineering plastics at DSM, said.

The company shows its connected car solutions which integrate all parts of the vehicle under the hood and inside the passenger compartment at the four-day 32nd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries which ends tomorrow in Shanghai.

China now leads in developing electric vehicles worldwide, according to Tamim Sidiki, global marketing director of electronics at the Dutch company, adding that there will be convergence of cars and electronics in the future.

“You can see that now the automobile and electronics industries are converging. The car of the future will basically be a smart phone, as a lot of electronics will be integrated into cars,” said Sidiki, “Chinese and Silicon Valley companies are driving this global trend. And to make this happen, we need good materials and the right materials.”

DSM will also respond to the evolving needs of environmentally-conscious Chinese consumers by developing green and sustainable products. 

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