AbbVie promotes open, innovative healthcare ecosystem in Shanghai

AbbVie will showcase their innovative products in five key therapeutic areas at this year's CIIE, aiming to accelerate the introduction of the new drugs to China.
AbbVie promotes open, innovative healthcare ecosystem in Shanghai

Lily Dong, Vice President & General Manager of AbbVie China

Founded in 2013, in just a decade, AbbVie has become one of the Top Five leading biopharmaceutical companies by revenue in the world and one of the Fortune Global 500, with leadership positions in multiple key therapeutic areas - immunology, oncology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, and aesthetics. In the same year, we built China headquarters in Shanghai to start our sustainable growth in China. This year, we have just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Here in China, we are entering a 2.0 era, and we will also usher in another 10 years of fast growth.

Rooted in Shanghai for ten years, China has been an important market for AbbVie in the world. In 2019, Abbvie China was certified as regional Operations headquarters. Shanghai, where AbbVie China headquartered in, has been making efforts to become a hub of innovation with global influence, and biopharma is one of the three leading industries that Shanghai is actively fostering. Shanghai also acts as the remaking of China's gateway to the world and fosters an open, fair and shared business environment, where AbbVie has been deepening its practical cooperation and help build an innovation ecosystem in Shanghai, for the world. Over the past 10 years, we have achieved tremendous success in Shanghai and in China. We were honored with 'Outstanding Contributions to Pudong New Area' for three consecutive years. We have grown from 400+ employees to more than 2200+ employees and launched several innovative drugs simultaneously with global. AbbVie China focuses on continuous innovation, research and development of innovative medicines and solutions, accelerating to bring the latest innovative healthcare solutions to Chinese patients and make a remarkable impact on people's lives under the guidance of the corporate value propositions "Innovation, Leadership and Partnership".

CIIE is an important symbol of China's opening-up to the world! Held in sixth consecutive year, CIIE has demonstrated China's determination to further open-up and has also provided a platform for the fast growth of multinational pharmaceutical companies including AbbVie in China. We have been enthusiastic and held a lot of expectations for the CIIE. This year, we will attend the sixth CIIE under the theme of "Seizing the light for life with love and us". We will showcase our innovative products in five key therapeutic areas: Immunology, Oncology, Eye Care, Neuroscience and Aesthetics, aiming to accelerate the introduction of the new drugs to China. We will also continue to explore diverse models and opportunities for collaborating with various organizations in China, including governments, enterprises, and associations.

With China being one of the most important markets for AbbVie, we have been committed to actively integrating into China's high-quality development process by bringing AbbVie's best-in-class, innovative medicines into China as rapidly as possible - achieving simultaneous R&D, registration and launch with the United States, Europe and other markets, and listing at an earlier stage in the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) to improve the accessibility of patients. In addition, we are committed to sharing more of clinical trials experience and knowledge generated in China with the global market.

Thanks to the spillover effect of the CIIE as well as the innovation and the reform of evaluation and approval system for drugs, AbbVie has launched some innovative therapies in China simultaneously as in other parts of the world and got enlisted in National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) rapidly. All of these have demonstrated "China Speed". For example, Rinvoq® has been approved five indications in one and a half year for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases; Venclexta®, an innovative therapy for blood cancer patients was approved earlier than Europe and Japan. Many Chinese patients and clinical researchers have benefited from these globally leading innovative products and therapies. Meanwhile, we are also promoting China's best practices and innovations to the world.

We have published the ESG Report for three consecutive years to create sustainable impacts to patients, communities, and employees. We achieve this through our compassion for people, commitment to innovation and inclusion, service to the community, environmental stewardship, and uncompromising integrity, supporting Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

Founded on more than 135 years of experience in R&D and innovation, the determination to innovate is rooted in our life blood. We have invested more than $55 billion in R&D since the launch of AbbVie in 2013. 75% of our products are considered first-in-kind. Thanks to the robust and diverse pipeline, by 2030, AbbVie is expected to have more than 30 new products or indications approved in China, covering immunology, solid tumor, blood cancer eye care, neuroscience and aesthetics.

Our people are integral to our success. We establish a first-class team, create a talent platform that provides employees with development, and cultivate an environment that promotes self-growth and motivation to learn. We create a culture of efficiency, integrity, innovation, and winning to continuously accelerate the introduction of more outstanding local talents and meanwhile empower employees to grow and develop together with the company. Entering AbbVie China 2.0 era, we are confident that our strong R&D pipeline, best-in-class innovative products, diversified partnerships, outstanding employees and excellent corporate culture will ensure the future competitiveness and sustainable development of AbbVie China in Shanghai.

AbbVie has outlined a new blueprint for accelerating development in China and is firmly optimistic about the enormous potential of the Chinese market. Through continuously increasing investment in the future, we are actively working together with governments at all levels as well as partners to build an open, multi-dimensional and innovative healthcare ecosystem in China. We will continue to explore the Chinese market headquarter in Shanghai by leveraging the spillover effect of the CIIE, to promote our values, to bring more innovative products and therapies to China, and to work with various stakeholders to improve healthcare for Chinese patients and Chinese people in general. AbbVie is committed to collaborating with all parties to make continuous progress towards the goal of "Healthy China 2030".

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